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The Surge Review

The Surge: A Walk In The Park DLC Review.

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The Surge Patch Notes - Update 11 Released

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Having been in development for what felt like a lifetime - it wasn't - The Surge finally arrived on Steam in the middle of May. Now that it's forever cemented as the Dark Souls of the sci-fi genre, we're to expect it'll have a long and fruitful life. Though it remains to be seen whether fans will talk about a mysterious ring for years to come.

Dark Souls In Disneyland? The Surge expansion 'A Walk In The Park' coming December [UPDATE: First Trailer!]

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Focus Interactive have announced the major new DLC expansion for sci-fi Dark Souls-alike The Surge set in an abandoned amusement park, but is it the game's first and last expansion?

Hunt for 10 new (and free) elemental weapons in The Surge: Fire & Ice weapon pack DLC

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Having been out in the open for a few months now, it's time for Deck 13's The Surge to get a bit of new content. We're not looking at much in the way of new encounters, but those looking to go through the game with some equipment will get exactly that.

Yet To Try A 'Souls' Game Or Deck13's 'The Surge'? There's A Demo Coming Next Week

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If you're looking for a sci-fi 'souls' game, The Surge has your back. Finally released back in May, it seems Deck13 are hoping to bring in some fresh meat by introducing a demo. You don't see many of those these days.

Inside The Creator's Studio - Here's Deck13 Talking About The Surge

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It feels like we've been talking about Deck13's 'The Surge' for months - and that's because we have. It's closer to release than ever, but there's still more to share.

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