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The Warriors Summary

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BBC begin shooting 'Gamechanger' film in April, Daniel Radcliffe reportedly cast as Rockstar Games' Sam Houser

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Rockstar Games is set to become a TV movie star as the BBC will begin shooting on April 20th for 'Gamechanger', which explores the rollercoaster ride that is game development at the Grand Theft Auto developer.

It's believed Daniel Radcliffe will be playing co-founder and president Sam Houser. The film explores the crazy times for the studio, of which there have been many and includes Florida ambulance-chaser, Jack Thompson.

The Warriors comes out to play-ay-ay on PSN the 28th May

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Sony has announced that Rockstar's The Warriors, based on the Walter Hill film of the same name, will be coming out to play-ay-ay on the 28th May on PlayStation Network as a PS2 Classic.

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