Unreal Tournament 2004 Latest Updates

Epic Games' new Unreal Tournament to be free, not free-to-play

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Obviously someone is holding Epic Games' loved ones hostage because we're getting a game totally free, with no micro-transaction strings attached. The new Unreal Tournament won't cost us a single penny.

Development began on the Unreal Engine 4 shooter the moment they announced, and Epic want to actively have the community help develop it, as in actually make it with them.

Scientists create Unreal Tournament-playing A.I that is indistinguishable from humans

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Scientists at Austin University of Texas have created artificial intelligence that fooled a panel of judged into thinking it was human.

Capps: No new Unreal Tournament

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Epic Games may have around five projects in the works but the "awfully loved franchise" Unreal Tournament is not among their number - cue the tears.

The long-running series continues to have a "huge influence" on Epic Games, says boss Mike Capps, but they're "not currently working on an Unreal IP" title.