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Taking a break from their ever popular Gear’s franchise, Epic Games has revisited Unreal Tournament and brought it into the current generation...

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Epic Games' new Unreal Tournament to be free, not free-to-play

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Obviously someone is holding Epic Games' loved ones hostage because we're getting a game totally free, with no micro-transaction strings attached. The new Unreal Tournament won't cost us a single penny.

Development began on the Unreal Engine 4 shooter the moment they announced, and Epic want to actively have the community help develop it, as in actually make it with them.

Epic: AAA browser-based games coming in a few years

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According to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, in a few years, AAA titles will be playable in a web browser.

The CEO stated in an interview with Gamasutra, “We’re slowly heading in that direction as an industry. You should be able to take any game – a PlayStation 3 or iOS game, for example – and just go to that and play it from any web browser."

Capps: No new Unreal Tournament

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Epic Games may have around five projects in the works but the "awfully loved franchise" Unreal Tournament is not among their number - cue the tears.

The long-running series continues to have a "huge influence" on Epic Games, says boss Mike Capps, but they're "not currently working on an Unreal IP" title.

It's "nice to target the PC as a primary platform again," tease Epic

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President Mike Capps of Epic Games reveals they've got five other projects in the works all at varying stages of development, and some are bound for the PC?

They "didn't multiply" the studio by five so we can "make some assumptions" on the size of these projects. Capps "can't bet" Epic every time with a videogame.

SDCC 2011: Epic regrets abandoning Unreal

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Epic Games president Mike Capps admitted Epic's former flagship Unreal series has fallen on the wayside with the company's backing of Gears of War for the past few years.

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