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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Review

Warcraft was the game that turned the strategy world upside down. It impacted the game world like Dune II did. This third part of Warcraft was named Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos.

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Fending Off The Idea Of A Remaster, Warcraft III Gets Another Substantial Patch

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With the StarCraft remaster still very much on the way, eager crowds continue to ask the question - 'what about a Warcraft III remaster?' With the 2003 RTS classic receiving a PTR update today, we can likely assume a remaster still isn't really on the table.

More Evidence Points To Warcraft III and Diablo II Getting The Remaster Treatment

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Heading into South Korea early this year, Blizzard announced StarCraft Remastered - a spuced up, HD version of the original strategy classic that retains its aesthetic while making it more appealing for newer hardware.

Warcraft III is getting a new patch

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Blizzard is apparently feeling nostalgic, because now mere days after announcing a fresh patch for the 16-year-old Diablo II, they’ve announced an update in the works for its 14-year-old little brother, Warcraft 3.

Blizzard trademark 'Council of Glades' in New Zealand

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Trademark trawlsters have found Blizzard Entertainment has filed for 'Council of Glades' in New Zealand - that bit next to Australia - the bit on the right. It certainly sounds all Druid-like and World of Warcrafty.

Perhaps we'll find out at this year's BlizzCon which is scheduled November 6-7 at the Anaheim Convention Center, the mecca for Blizzardites. The trademark covers everything 'computer video game' imaginable.

Director reveals World of Warcraft film pushed to June 2016

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The upcoming film for Blizzard's World of Warcraft has some "good news and bad news" from director Duncan Jones. It will no longer be coming in March 2016, but instead will take an extra 3 months and release in June 2016.

It just wouldn't really be an authentic Blizzard release if there weren't some kind of delay. Obviously this extra time will be spent on the Murloc musical number in the second act. It will change lives.

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