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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Features

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Preview: Relic enters the third-person action genre with another 40K title. Prepare to meet the original one-man army.

Considering THQ have been the champions of the 40K license for nearly 9 years now, a current generation shooter/action title was inevitable. Although the universe lends itself extremely well to variants of the strategy genre (given its nature as a table-top war game) the over the top violence perpetuated within it would also make for a very atmospheric shooter. If anything, we're...

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Preview: We get hands on with THQ's manly shoot 'em up...

With all the hype surrounding the slew of titles arriving in the run up to Christmas, games like Space Marine face an extremely tough task. Its nearest competitor is bound to shift copies by the bucket-load, as Gears of War 3 introduces the epic conclusion to Microsoft's much-loved franchise. Earlier this week, I was invited to spend the day getting to know Space Marine a little more...