Warlock 2: The Exiled Features

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Interview: Putting the 'War' into Turn-based strateWARgy.

I’ll admit, this is one game announcement I didn’t see coming. The original Warlock was a fun civ-like game that mixed in high-fantasy and an element of exploration. It wasn’t perfect, but it had its own charms, but it never felt like a game Paradox would want to do a sequel for. Guess I was wrong about that. At this year’s Ignomir Games Fair in Russia, Paradox Interactive officially pulled of the veil on...

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Preview: Exiled no more.

‘Management’ is a fine art, in many respects, although few games try to turn it into such. The more artificial constraints you have though on how you manage an empire, the more ‘balancing’ you have to do, and the more artistic you get. Warlock 2 turns the practice into a near-art, while at the same time giving you an experience which I imagine must be what 3D chess is like. Maybe. I’ve...