Download A Better Class of Criminals V1

You always wanted better npcs? Better villains? Gotham really need a better class of criminals. An this is it! Most of the npcs retextured, completely. PS: Yes, I am Lestat CV (Buca buca is one of my other accounts and bla bla bla), and I uploaded this mod in Arkham Origins forums but now, Im uploading my mods here too :) PS2: This mod is for use with TEXMOD NOTES & INSTRUCTIONS: DIRECTX11 & STEAM USERS - Texmod is required to load the TPF file. - Texmod does not work with dx11 features enabled. You will need to disable this feature as outlined by Sam_Wayne93: "Go to your Batman Arkham Origins Folder Batman Arkham OriginsSinglePlayerBMGame open the file BmEngine.ini and find the line 'AllowD3D11=True' and replace it with 'False', then save" I recommend making a backup of any files you change just in case. - STEAM USERS may encounter some issues getting Texmod to load correctly. I have to follow the following process to engage both loading and logging capabilities. #1 - You will quite possibly need to go to your Batman Arkham Origins Folder in steamapps, Batman Arkham OriginsSinglePlayerBinariesWin32 folder. #2 - IMPORTANT - Make a backup of your BatmanOrigins.exe just for safety. #3 - Next, you will need to rename the BatmanOrigins.exe to something like BatmanOriginsOriginal (doesn't matter what you call it really). #4 - Rename the Texmod.exe to BatmanOrigins.exe and place it in the Binaries/Win32 folder with the other .exe #5 - When you start the game through steam as normal, TEXMOD should pop-up at this point. Set the Target Application as your newly titled ".exe" (in my case BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe), load a TPF mod by clicking the red "X" and browsing for the file you want, and enjoy.

Credits: Lestat_cv

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betterclassofcriminals-4-1.rar 109 17 Apr 2015