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This mod turns Deathstrokes armor black. Requires texmod and the Deathstroke DLC pack You need to go in Batman Arkham Origins/Singleplayer/BMGame/Config then open BmEngine and search this line " AllowD3D11=True " and replace the True by False then save go to C:Steam/SteamApps/common/Batman Arkham Origins/SinglePlayer/Binaries/Win32 and rename BatmanOrigins.exe to BatmanOriginsOriginal (Or anything other than BatmanOrigins) then rename texmod.exe to BatmanOrigins then simply run the game from Steam, click the folder button in the top, select BatmanOriginsOriginal.exe then select the costume mods of your choice and then click run.

Credits: Wastelander121

File name Downloads Added
Darker Deathstroke V1-2-v1.7z 148 17 Apr 2015