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What is it? Aegrus Ultimate HD is the highest definition texture mod available for Dragon Age 2. It aims to replace every texture in DA 2 with new diffuse, normal, specular, and relief (parallax) maps. Not only is it a texture replacer, however, it's also an overhaul for the art style. Colors and materials have been altered intentionally to bring a greater sense of grit and realism to DA 2. I love DA 2, but I hate the default graphics, and this is my attempt to bring them up to modern standards. When I started work on this mod last year, I never thought I'd get this far. I learned modding from the ground up just for this series and, despite all the painful stumbles and late nights sobbing into my keyboard. What's Different Since the Last Update? I've overhauled some of my earlier textures to fix tiling. Since I started this mod I've also become much better at normal maps and some other texture tricks, so I've updated some of my earlier textures to improve their appearance without losing performance. In addition, High Town, flora, and Sundermount are now all retextured, alongside yet more clutter textures. This means, in total, I've finished. . . --Almost all clutter, crates, furniture, etc. --Lowtown interiors and exteriors --Darktown --Hightown interiors and exteriors --Sundermount --Caves --Trees, bushes, flora --Various unique items, such as the Eluvian If you already have earlier versions of this mod, I urge you to ditch them and download the new version. I know, it's a hassle, but they've been improved and added to. What are the different versions? The normal version has an average texture resolution of 2048x2048, with full res speculars and normals. It is recommended for gamers with 1 GB of Video RAM or more and 2-4 GB of RAM. It will make your game look fantastic, and it's barely a performance hit for many users. It only has one file, and no requirements. The ultra version is what I like to call "Stupidly High Res." I made it because I'm an obsessive nerd with too much free time, and I like to future-proof. Its average texture resolution is right around 4096x4096, with full res speculars and normals. It has 3 files, because 1 could not contain the sheer epic. It is recommended only for people with 2 GB of Video RAM or more and at least 4 GB of RAM. This version requires an LAA patch. I've linked a suitable one below. When downloading this mod, you need only the 1 normal pack, or the 3 ultra packs. Do not install all 4 at once. Both Normal and Ultra versions as of build 0.8 retexture the majority of the game, though there are still unfinished areas which will be added with additional parts. (Without requiring you to re-download previous parts.) Compatibility Aegrus HD is not compatible with TrufflesDuvals texture mod. It is, however, compatible with the official HD dlc (though it is superior to the official dlc, and thus will overwrite parts of the HD dlc), and it is compatible with any and all character texture replacers and face morphs, as well as with any mod which is not a texture replacer. Recommendations and Requirements There are no requirements for the normal version of this mod. However, the Ultra version requires an LAA patch. By default, DA 2 only uses 2 GB of your PC's RAM. An LAA (Large Address Aware) patch will allow your game to use 4 GB if your PC has it, which will decrease load times and improve performance. This is necessary for the ultra version of the mod simply because of how huge the textures are. Please note that even though the normal version will function perfectly well without the LAA patch, your performance will still be improved if you use it anyway. This LAA patch will work for almost every game, including DA 2: This video (as kindly provided by Cholainus) will explain how to use the LAA patch. How to Install Aegrus HD: Simply place the .erf file(s) into your override directory as you would any other mod. To uninstall the mod, simply remove the file. There's no risk. What are people saying about Aegrus HD? Oh man how have I lived without this? This makes the world have SO much more depth and life, and I don't even take a performance hit on my sub-average machine! Thank you so much! --falcophoenix Just want to say amazing work here been playing through DA 1 + 2 again and with your mod on its so much better especially the cloned caves you texture made the door stand out less keep up the good work. --Blazewamp WOW!! Impressive stuff, just might do another DA2 playtrough because of this - nice job --P3dr0 BR Thanks You. . . . . .To all the people who have supported and encouraged me throughout the creation of this mod. There are too many names to list, but Renn merits special mention thanks to the fact that he created the epic images gracing this page, as well as a few of the textures in the mod itself. And thanks to Bioware, for creating DA 2. (A game which I loved enough to finish 4 times and overhaul graphically, even despite the negative reviews.)

Credits: Aegrus

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