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There will definitely be a big Dragon Age announcement in December, likely a Dragon Age 4 reveal at the Game Awards, but the game's release date is apparently 3 years away at least.

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Just when Diablo 3 was getting good, management "pulled the plug" on any ongoing projects relating to the game.

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The high-fantasy battle royale works as a precursor to the Ashes of Creation MMORPG, with up to 200 players fighting simultaneously!

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According to sources, R3make is already being made, though it's still supposed to be a secret. From Capcom's perspective, such a move does make sense, and here we discuss why that is so.

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Winter Weekends return to Runescape, granting players different bonuses each week.

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The Soundweaver support class uses guitar solos to inspire allies and decimate foes.

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Total War: Arena has not met expectations and will shut down early next year. Both Creative Assembly and plan to reward those who've given the game a shot in Open Beta.

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Legacy Mode! Save anywhere! Options galore! InXile delivers their best once again.

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Valve seems to have struck the hornet's nest.

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You can no longer purchase one of the most important real-time strategy games ever made.