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The Best WW2 Strategy Games

What are The Best WW2 Strategy Games? Given its tremendous global impact, WW2 has been often represented in all of pop culture's mediums.

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Paradox Interactive Will Announce Two New Games At PDXCON 2018

A new full title from Paradox Development Studio, and one from Triumph Studios.

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Steel Divison 2 Is Now Available for Pre-order, Four Editions Available

Pre-ordering any edition of Steel Division 2 will grant players access to a Beta scheduled for early next year.

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Creative Assembly Gives Definitive Editions To Three Classic Total War Titles

The Medieval II: Total War, Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War Definitive Editions include the base games and all released DLCs.

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"No Changes" to Total War: Rome II Female Generals Spawn Rate, says Creative Assembly

Despite the recent "controversy", Creative Assembly denies there have been any changes made to Total War Rome II female generals spawn rates.

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Found the Roman Empire in New Expansion for Total War: Rome II

The upcoming prequel campaign pack for Total War: Rome II, Rise of the Republic, promises to bring with it one of the most epic stories ever to happen in history.

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The Best Turn Based Strategy Games On PC

While some might prefer the frantic pace of real-time strategy games where you hit macros like you're speed-typing, the slow, calm and calculated air of the turn-based strategy game call to those players who like to plan extensively and enjoy carefully crafted plots and tactics boiling over in slow-cooked tension. Mmmmmm.

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Total War: ROME II - Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack Is Out On March 8th

Bringing four unique desert factions to the best historical Total War title.

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Eugen Systems Employees Are On Strike Due To Work Conditions And Lack Of Payment

Eugen Systems employees are fighting back against bad work conditions and lack of payment.

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Paradox Interactive CEO Steps Down

Fredrik Wester has been CEO at Paradox Interactive for 9 years and is stepping down to focus on "better capitalizing on Paradox’s growth opportunities".