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A new full title from Paradox Development Studio, and one from Triumph Studios.

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The new Campaign Pack DLC for Rome II will be out this month alongside a massive new patch for the game. We've got all the details inside, including all new unit and faction specifics.

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Pre-ordering any edition of Steel Division 2 will grant players access to a Beta scheduled for early next year.

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The Medieval II: Total War, Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War Definitive Editions include the base games and all released DLCs.

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Despite the recent "controversy", Creative Assembly denies there have been any changes made to Total War Rome II female generals spawn rates.

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The upcoming prequel campaign pack for Total War: Rome II, Rise of the Republic, promises to bring with it one of the most epic stories ever to happen in history.

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While some might prefer the frantic pace of real-time strategy games where you hit macros like you're speed-typing, the slow, calm and calculated air of the turn-based strategy game call to those players who like to plan extensively and enjoy carefully crafted plots and tactics boiling over in slow-cooked tension. Mmmmmm.

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Bringing four unique desert factions to the best historical Total War title.

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Eugen Systems employees are fighting back against bad work conditions and lack of payment.

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Fredrik Wester has been CEO at Paradox Interactive for 9 years and is stepping down to focus on "better capitalizing on Paradox’s growth opportunities".