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Anno 1800 Season Pass Details Announced

Developers have recently announced what plans they've got for Anno 1800 Season Pass, and now we've got some details on the game's three major upcoming DLCs.

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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition has been Rated by ESRB

A full remake of the original AOE 2 seems to be coming our way sometime in the future. What do we know about Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition so far?

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Anno 1800 Launch Failed - How to Fix Anno 1800 on the Epic Store

If you're having trouble with launching Anno 1800 on the Epic Games Store, worry not - we've got a reliable fix for you to try out.

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Anno 1800 How To Settle New Island Guide

Given how each island comes with specific resources, expansion becomes necessary. Here's how to settle new islands in Anno 1800.

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Anno 1800 Demolition Expert - Explosives Shop Location Guide

Anno 1800's campaign does, at times, require you to find specific NPCs or buildings. Here's the location of the Anno 1800 Demolition Expert.

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Anno 1800 Money Tips Guide - How To Make Money Quick

A healthy supply of money is vital in keeping your city afloat. Here are a few tips on how to make money quick in Anno 1800.

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Anno 1800 Production Chains Guide - How Do Production Chains Work?

The Anno series has always involved managing production chains so that you get a steady flow of resources. Here's how the Anno 1800 Production Chains work.

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Anno 1800 Debris Guide - How To Clear Debris During The Campaign

Not long after starting the campaign, you receive an island that's definitely seen better days. Here's how to clear Anno 1800 debris during the campaign.

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Anno 1800 Open Beta - When will the Open Beta Begin?

Here's when the Anno 1800 Open beta will begin. Anno 1800 is due out in less than two weeks and players will have a chance to try it before launch.

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15 NEW PC Games Trailers - APRIL WEEK 1 - Gameplay, Teasers & Releases

New PC Games Gameplay Trailers, Teasers, Game Releases and anything worth of notice that happened in the first week of April 2019.