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Ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead Developers Working On A New Theme Hospital? [UPDATE: Evidence Builds For 'Two Point Hospital']

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Two Point Studios are made up of developers from Bullfrog and Lionhead and will be announcing their new game in January - could it be a new Theme Hospital?!

Lionhead working on 'non Fable-esque' projects

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Lionhead Studios boss John Needham has confirmed the developer is working on something that isn't Fable-related, although they're "not talking" about such a project yet. Could this be something new?

The studio definitely has Fable properties on the go with Fable Legends, and the Fable Anniversary re-release. Their other creations include Black & White, and The Movies.

Chahi: "No plan" for more From Dust right now, "first god game" Molyneux played

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Indie videogame designer Eric Chahi, creator of From Dust, has dished about his own take on the god game simulator and how Lionhead's Peter Molyneux gave it a "true compliment."

The Populous creator said From Dust was the "first god game he's played," referring to its fully morphable world. It was "hard work" and there are no sequel plans in motion.

Lionhead has "super secret second project" alongside Journey

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Peter Molyneux says Kinect's Fable: The Journey, which "isn't on rail", uses "huge amounts of technology" from their cancelled 'tech demo' Project Milo.

The Lionhead Studios boss also teased they've got a "super secret second project" in development alongside it. He wouldn't elaborate any details.

Peter Molyneux and Lionhead working on "undisclosed project"

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Microsoft Game Studios creative director Peter Molyneux has spilled he's working on an "undisclosed project" at the Guildford, UK-based Lionhead Studios.

While Fable IV is a no-brainer for the team, Molyneux and co. have been tinkering a lot with Kinect during their Milo & Kate 'tech demo'. Something for E3?

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