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Paradox Store begins seasonal sale, discounts up to 80% and new merchandise section

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Paradox Interactive has announced some mega seasonal savings on now being offered through their Paradox Store, with some of their catalogue gems being slashed by 80%. There's also the new 'merch' section.

Yes, Paradox aren't content with peddling just digital wares as they now want our homes packed full of mousepads and t-shirts. This merchandise is all themed around major games like Europa Universalis.

Cities in Motion 2 now available for Linux, Marvellous Monorails add-on launches

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Paradox Interactive announces that as of today Cities in Motion 2 now supports Linux, alongside Windows and Mac. Also now on offer is the Marvellous Monorails DLC from series developer Colossal Order.

This adds monorail tracks and trains to the list of transportation options to help ferry a cities populace. Five all-new vehicles are included with the new elevated rail.

Paradox Interactive announces new expansion for Cities in Motion 2

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Developers Paradox Interactive today announced a new expansion pack for their transit strategy game Cities in Motion 2, entitle Marvellous Monorails.

In the same press release Paradox also revealed that the entire Cities in Motion franchise will be released for Linux computers.

Humble Jumbo Bundle includes Natural Selection 2, Orcs Must Die, Sanctum 2

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The new Humble Bundle has been announced, and this one doesn't have any real theme, just a ton of quality games, many of them with all their DLC attached.

Cities in Motion 2 now available, launch trailer released

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Paradox Interactive has announced that Cities in Motion 2 is now available worldwide, including GamersGate for a mere $19.99 USD.

Cities in Motion 2 features player-requested features, including dynamic cities, a more robust timetable system, and a city map editor.

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