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Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Review

Corporations, espionage, scenarios, mods, empires, leaders, units, and wonders - Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword is one impressive expansion.

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Civilization 4 designer announces real-time strategy Offworld Trading Company

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Lead designer Soren Johnson of Civilization 4 is now co-founder of indie Mohawk Games and they've just announced their first project. It's a real-time strategy based on economics called Offworld Trading Company.

Money "is the heart" of the RTS, where we sell excess resources and then buy low on what we need. Trade prices and stock fluctuate all in real-time.

Grand Theft Auto franchise ships over 114m, GTA IV now at 22m

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Take-Two head Strauss Zelnick revealed that overall the Grand Theft Auto franchise has shipped a huge 114 million copies to retailers during its lifetime.

Grand Theft Auto IV has cleared 22 million of that grand total. CEO Zelnick also gave away some other key title numbers, although L.A. Noire is missing.

Firaxis "intend to continue" delivering PC Civilization for fans

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Videogame legend Sid Meier promises that for "as long as fans keep asking", the Civilization series will keep on releasing for PC. It's gone console, mobile and social.

The long-running IP has "roots in PC gaming" and won't neglect them. Meier would also "love to make another version" of Alpha Centauri but they don't own it.

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