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Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords releases today, world expands to the "steppes of Central Asia"

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The horses are on the move as the Great Khan and his hordes can now terrorise nations from the Central Asian steppes to the very far shores of Europe. It won't be easy though, but what is in Crusader Kings II?

Clan politics will have to be carefully navigated in Horse Lords, and existing powers can now take advantage of the Silk Road trade routes, and new temporary forts to hold enemy territory.

Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords announced, expands Central Asian plains

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Paradox Interactive announce the next expansion to Crusader Kings II as Horse Lords, which looks to the nomadic rule of Mongol and Turkic steppe tribes, and how they impacted European history.

A new nomadic rule government is added, along with clan politics, and the option to Muster Hordes to raise a vast army. There's a Silk Road to exploit for trade, and the map expands in the Central Asian plains.

Paradox talk "other efforts" in new Crusader King II dev diary, "can't reveal anything" about expansion

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There's more medieval soap opera to come with Crusader Kings II as Paradox Development Studio has just posted a fresh developer diary. They can't talk about the new expansion but they spotlight some "other efforts" underway.

New expansions bring "free improvements and fixes" and that's what they reveal a little of. One change is government type will no longer be tied to your type of Capital Holding, as it's now "something more persistent".

Paradox celebrates 3 years of Crusader Kings II, largest playtime on record is 10,500 hours

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This weekend marks the third anniversary of Crusader Kings II, and to celebrate Paradox Interactive is holding a 75% off sale on 'collection' bundles through the Paradox Store, as well as Steam and other digital stores.

Paradox also released an infographic that reveals how the game world has grown from its humble vanilla origins in February 2012 up to the Way of Life expansion in December 2014. Someone sure loves medieval drama.

Crusader Kings II: Way of Life expansion to launch December 16th

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Just in time for Christmas is the Way of Life expansion for Crusader Kings II, reigniting medieval family drama with new options to 'focus' rulers. There are also new diplomatic choices like duels.

Paradox Interactive has announced the new add-on will arrive December 16th, and promises "hundreds of new events" along with focus-related images.

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