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DmC: Devil May Cry Summary


DmC: Devil May Cry Review

Is Ninja Theory’s Dante demonically ported or angelically faithful to PC?

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Capcom UK now has "destiny and our fate in our hands," new Resident Evil "a good showcase" for going 'back-to-roots'

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Now that Capcom territories don't need everything signed off on by Capcom Japan, there's a buzz of excitement and optimism back among the various offices and studios. Capcom UK now has their "fate in our hands."

They can start making better autonomous decisions, and the new Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is the publisher entering "uncharted territory" as it goes episodic with 'appetite strong' for the full boxed version.

Capcom "had its missteps, it's learning, it's definitely trying"

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Dead Rising 3 producer Mike Jones from Capcom Vancouver has said everybody at the company is "a huge Capcom fan." They don't have any 'yeah, whatever' employees as "most people f**king love Capcom."

He admits Capcom's size makes it difficult to get "all those pieces moving in the right direction" speedily, and acknowledges mistakes but there's "a lot of big stuff" coming.

Report: Capcom's European workforce "faces redundancy" of "more than half"

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Corporate restructuring on a 'major scale' within Capcom's European division means that "more than half" of the workforce will find their positions made redundant. This follows a 'bad fiscal year' for the company.

Capcom confirmed the EU business is now "currently evaluating its structure" following in the footsteps of their US operations. Missed targets have hit hard.

Capcom posts annual fiscal results, Resident Evil 6

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The previous forecast for their end of year fiscal by Capcom has been more-or-less on the money (no pun intended). An profit of £19.42 million was posted, which is down 52% year-on-year.

Resident Evil 6 "did not meet" their expectations with sales at 4.9 million, falling short of the 7 million they hoped for. DmC: Devil May Cry enjoyed "stable popularity" overseas, with no total sales mentioned.

Euro PSN content for the week features free Mass Effect 3 on PSN Plus

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Sony has revealed this week's PlayStation Network content for European gamers, including some of the PSN Plus deals. Notably, PSN Plus Euro gamers can get Mass Effect 3 free, along with Mass Effect 2 for 10% off, presumably to celebrate the release of the Citadel DLC.

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