Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

EU & US Release date: 5 Jun, 2010
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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Latest News

Chris Avellone would love to work on more established franchises, especially Doctor Who

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Having already worked on some huge franchises out there such as Star Wars and South Park, you wonder if there's any names out there that appeal to Obsidian's Chris Avellone. Talking to us at Rezzed, there's apparently quite a few he'd like to make as RPGs, including his own take on Deus Ex and System Shock.

BBC halt Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, "no current plans" for any more

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The BBC is slamming the brake on Doctor Who: The Adventure Games as they focus their attention on other ways to exploit the IP, namely with their new The Eternity Clock project.

The Adventure Games have "done a great job," but the BBC want to move on. The Cardiff team will continue to look at ways of "audience expansion" for the UK license payers.

BBC announce Doctor Who MMO

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California-based Three Rings is developing an MMO based on the BBC's Doctor Who franchise, and it's expected to be launched this year free-to-play.

We can look forward to "time-bending puzzles" in the Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMO. They want to tap into the "imaginative spirit and depth" of the series.

Doctor Who episode Christmas Day

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The BBC has announced the fourth and final episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is releasing Christmas Day. It launches after the TV episode.

Shadows of the Vashta Nerada goes live straight after the Doctor Who Christmas special on BBC One. They've gone "all-out" for the season finale.

Doctor Who passes on HD consoles, Wii gives "wider audience"

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Already available for PC and Mac, the Doctor Who series of games from developer Asylum Games will be releasing for Nintendo Wii and DS.

They won't be bringing out Xbox 360 or PS3 versions though, as the Nintendo platforms offer a "wider audience" of young kids and adults they say.

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