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EVE Online launches massive new Lifeblood Expansion for free

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The new EVE Online DLC brings in the Guristas Shipyards and new capital class vessels, changes to resource gathering, improved Moon Mining, and a new PvE opportunity tool called The Agency.

You Can Help A Wolf Prize Winner Track Down Exoplanets Through EVE Online's Latest Scientific Collaboration

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If you're at all interested in astronomy or theoretical physics and just happen to be playing EVE Online, your universe is about to get a lot bigger.

You Can Now Simulate Ship Builds In EVE Online

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CCP are getting rid of buyers remorse for both new and veteran players of the Sci-Fi MMO in the latest expansion Ascension. The new Fitting Simulation tool allows players to try out and preview modules and fittings.

EVE Online Goes Free To Play Today

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The new Ascension expansion for CCP's MMO EVE Online goes live today and with it comes an all new business model. The game is now adopting a hybrid free to play model that will have options for both free to play and subscription players.

Ahead Of Its Free-To-Play Launch, CCP Publish A Feature Trailer For EVE: Online

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With just under a week to go before EVE Online goes free, in a sense, CCP have released a 'Tour' video to show all you can expect to get from the game without throwing your hard-earned money at it.

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