EVE Online Latest Updates

Players threaten to boycott EVE Online over chat removal

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Since Drifters started making rounds around the galaxy, developers of EVE Online have been shaking up other crucial gameplay mechanics, including the chat window. Players haven't taken kindly to this.

EVE Online Drifters Launch Huge Surprise Attack on Players

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Things are heating up in EVE, with the mysterious Drifters now attacking and killing players on sight. What's going on?

EVE Online launches massive new Lifeblood Expansion for free

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The new EVE Online DLC brings in the Guristas Shipyards and new capital class vessels, changes to resource gathering, improved Moon Mining, and a new PvE opportunity tool called The Agency.

You Can Help A Wolf Prize Winner Track Down Exoplanets Through EVE Online's Latest Scientific Collaboration

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If you're at all interested in astronomy or theoretical physics and just happen to be playing EVE Online, your universe is about to get a lot bigger.

You Can Now Simulate Ship Builds In EVE Online

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CCP are getting rid of buyers remorse for both new and veteran players of the Sci-Fi MMO in the latest expansion Ascension. The new Fitting Simulation tool allows players to try out and preview modules and fittings.

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