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Evil Genius Summary

Latest news begins 'March Gaming Medley' with 70% off until March 11th

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A fresh weekend promotion is underway at as they commence the March Gaming Medley, and it starts with a selection from the ye olde PC catalogue, like Stronghold HD and Empire Earth.

There's BloodRayne, Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945, Moonbase Commander, Ground Control, Evil Genius... and others in the current rotation, which changes every few hours.

Rebellion moves Evil Genius Online into open beta on Facebook

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The vault doors to the abandoned government silo have just swung open as Evil Genius Online enters into open beta on Facebook. Developer Rebellion is accepting all evil masterminds for their free-to-play strategy.

The studio is hoping to "debunk a lot of myths" about Facebook as a platform for gaming, and their closed beta session targeted "fans of the 2004 Evil Genius PC game" rather than the casual hordes.

Evil Genius Online beta October 23rd, Rebellion wants a "fully-featured PC follow-up"

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Next week the beta for Rebellion's Evil Genius Online begins, October 23rd, which is a browser-based Facebook title. It was "crucial" for Rebellion to explore the free-to-play arena.

The franchises "lair construction, the strategy, the humor" - it's all a "perfect fit" for a social web game. Rebellion still plans a "fully-featured PC follow-up" at some point.

Beta applications being taken for Evil Genius Online

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Independent UK game developer Rebellion has announced that it is developing a browser-based MMO based on the popular strategy game, Evil Genius Online. The developer also announced that registration to beta-test the game is now active.

Rumor: Evil Genius 2 coming out this year

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A forum poster at NeoGAF has revealed a series of tweets that seem to strongly indicate that a sequel to the beloved Bond villian strategy-simulator Evil Genius will be arriving later this year.

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