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Command & Conquer successor Forged Battalion gets first major update

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The new RTS from Command and Conquer, Grey Goo and Star Wars: Empire At War developer Petroglyph today got a big Supply Drop update that expands the campaign.

Petroglyph approached EA about making Star Wars: Empire At War 2

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In a Reddit AMA about their latest title Forged Battalion, the Command & Conquer creators confirmed that they reached out to EA about making a sequel to their most popular game Star Wars: Empire At War, and they would love to do it.

Forged Battalion dev Petroglyph say that RTS players want Multiplayer, not a Story Campaign

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In an AMA on Reddit, a developer at Command & Conquer creators Petroglyph said that players wanted "shorter, more intense multi-player experiences" and "a lot less players are involved in the single-player campaign".

Forged Battalion, the new RTS from the Command & Conquer creators, is Out Now

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The latest RTS from Star Wars Empire At War, 8-Bit Armies and Command & Conquer creators Petroglyph is out now on Steam Early Access.

Forged Battalion, the new RTS from Command & Conquer developers, will be out on January 16

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Petroglyph are an ex-Westwood team and the developers of Star Wars Empire At War, Grey Goo and 8-Bit Armies, and their latest title will be out on Early Access in January.

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