Hitman Episode 1 - Paris Summary


Hitman Episode 1 - Paris Review

Stop, infiltrate, and listen. 47’s back with a great new invention.

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The First Episode Of HITMAN Has Gone Completely Free On All Platforms

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IO Interactive seemed like they were on top of the world when the episodic HITMAN gained acclaim with each new mission. Then, once it was all wrapped up, the truth came out. Figures weren't up to snuff for Square Enix causing them to break ties with the developers.

Square Enix Isn't Holding Hitman Hosting - Looking To Sell IO Interactive With Its Key Franchise

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As the days roll on by, those captivated by the Hitman franchise are left with no new clues as to whether they'll ever see Agent 47 strip a man and throw himself them into a dumpster ever again. Following the surprised announcement that Square Enix would no longer keep IO Interactive under its wing, we're slowing learning more about the sudden decision and its knock-on effects.

HITMAN: The Second Season Reportedly Leaks With A Not-So-Innocent Poster

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It's difficult to believe we would see a HITMAN: The Second Season reveal so soon after the finale of the first, but someone over on NeoGAF claims to have found conclusive evidence of its existence.

Things Are About To Get Tougher For HITMAN Players With The January Update

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Agent 47 is done with you - or the world - just yet. Ahead of whatever IO Interactive has planned for Season 2 of HITMAN, things are about to get a little tougher.

Agent 47 Makes One More Festive Trip To Paris In The December HITMAN Update

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Just when you thought your HITMAN experience was over - other than a few elusive targets - IO Interactive spread the festive cheer by lightning up Paris one last time in the name of World Cancer Research Fund.

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