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Capcom aims to shorten development cycles

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Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto has told investors the publisher hopes to cut development times from three or four years to around two and a half years.

Capcom has "history-making" 5m total sellers for fiscal 2011

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Publisher Capcom's fiscal year report is out and things are great, no really they are. Sales were up 46% from the previous year, and profit leapfrogged 258%.

That means $96 million got pocketed. PSP's Monster Hunter Freedom 3 "played the lead role" for Capcom's success, shipping a mighty 4.6m copies in just Japan.

Capcom reveal 2010 big IP sales

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December 31st saw Capcom's third quarter come to a close and now the publisher has released sales figures for their major releases in 2010.

Dead Rising 2 has so far accumulated 2.2 million sold, Super Street Fighter IV grapples 1.6 million and Lost Planet 2 finds 1.5 million. They all lost to...

Takeuchi: This "fun period" has 'no set answer' to fiscal success

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Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi has commented that our industry is enjoying a "fun period," thanks to the breadth of choices out there for studios.

However it's also a "rough time for developers" as people "can't tell what you should be investing in" - no one has the answer. It's best not to have one?

Inafune 'scorns' Japanese industry

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Keiji Inafune, now formerly of Capcom, has called the Japanese games industry a "communist state," where working hard " is your own loss."

Doing less is "more advantageous." Good games don't come from taking it easy, it involves risk. Overseas developers more "independent" and driven.

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