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Epic Games Store - List of Exclusive Games Available on the Store

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The Epic Games Store is live with its first batch of games and first two freebie announcements.

Metro Exodus - The Two Colonels DLC Releases Tomorrow

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4A Games reveal Metro Exodus - The Two Colonels in a new trailer.

Metro Exodus DLC Expansions Will See You Play as an American Ranger

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Metro Exodus is set to receive two story-driven DLC Expansions, each focusing on a different character and featuring new adventures.

Metro Exodus Patch Notes - PC Hotfix Version

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The latest PC hotfix for Metro Exodus is here on both Epic Games Store and Steam, and here's the full Metro Exodus Patch Notes for the latest version - which should fix DLSS.

Metro Exodus Teddy Bear - How to Find Nastya's Teddy Bear

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Accepted the quest from the little girl Nastya to find her teddy bear? We've got the Metro Exodus teddy bear location, but it might not be so easy...

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