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With the premise of being a sleeping evil being, you find a world where evil isn't much of a hassle. You're woken to fix that and bring balance to the world, an almost noble cause.

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Paradox Interactive Buys Up Triumph Studios Of Overlord And Age Of Wonders Fame

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Having just about sold over 1 million copies of Age of Wonders, the 1997 team of Triumph Studios have been absorbed into Paradox Interactive in a new business deal.

Codemasters announce Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, a four-player co-op action RPG

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There's a new Overlord from Codemasters, except this time the focus is on a four-player co-op action RPG of mayhem. Players take the role of Netherghūls, who must band together to fight a world "overrun by the forces of good."

The "moronic minions" return and will be under the command of players, but it seems the series is moving on from single-player. The co-op action RPG is scripted by author Rhianna Pratchett.

Codemasters is teasing Overlord 3

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Codemasters is busy teasing Overlord 3, tweeting an image of the series' villainous protagonist's trademark helm, and setting up a Twitter account for the venerable Minion Master Gnarl.

Right now someone from Codemasters is simply having fun messing about on that account by tweeting in character, but more information is almost certainly on the way.

Humble Weekly Sale from Codemasters with DiRT, Overlord and Operation Flashpoint

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This week's Humble savings are brought to you by Codemasters. Up for grabs for over $1 is the original Overlord and expansion, Operation Flashpoint Red River and Dragon Rising, and Rise of the Argonauts.

Pay $6 or more and you also get DiRT Showdown and DiRT 3, along with Overlord II. It should be noted that Codemasters is working to remove GFWL from DiRT 3.

Triumph: There's "definitely stuff that's in the works" relating to Overlord

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Overlord creator Triumph Studios, who recently announced Age of Wonders 3, has teased that 'something in the vein' of Overlord is being worked on at the Dutch developer. Could it be Overlord 3?

Codemasters own the IP, and so the studio can't say if it is or not, but "there's definitely stuff" going on that would "very much appeal" to Overlord minions. There's no "full-scale production" yet.

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