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D-Day event for Panzer General Online lands on June 11

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Ubisoft has announced the first in-game event for Panzer General Online. The D-Day event will feature multiplayer battles themed around the 70th anniversary of the Allied landing and the subsequent battles across Normandy.

Expect new cards, new units and a new 'Medals' event currency that can be traded for more goodies.

Red Army added to Ubisoft's free-to-play browser title Panzer General Online

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Ubisoft announced today that the Red Army is coming to Blue Byte's recently released free-to-play browser game Panzer General Online.

Alongside a new singleplayer campaign you can expect new units, boosters and starter packs. The Russian army joins the already present US and German forces.

Ubisoft launch Open Beta for turn-based tank strategy title Panzer General Online

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Today Ubisoft has launched an Open Beta for Panzer General Online, the turn-based tactical tank game from developers Blue Byte.

Featuring a "robust single player campaign" and multiplayer options, the free-to-play browser game is finally available to the public after several months in Closed Beta.

Ubisoft announces Panzer General Online, developed by Blue Byte

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The original Panzer General games were considered some of the more enjoyable and accessible real-time strategy games in the genre in the mid-90's, and now Ubisoft has resurrected the license with a free-to-play, browser-based game, Panzer General Online.