PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS Summary

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Singleplayer PUBG Games are Coming

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Former Visceral Games developers have joined forces with the PUBG Company to create new singleplayer titles set in the PUBG universe.

PUBG Celebrates Two Year Anniversary with Dirty Denim Cap

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PUBG is celebrating its two year anniversary with a free Dirty Denim Cap item available to players on all platforms.

Get an AK47 in TERA as Part of Its PUBG Collaboration

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Of all the unlikely collaborations, this might be the unlikeliest one yet.

PUBG Introduces New Profit-Sharing Program for eSports Play

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Developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are now introducing a new financing programme to try and bolster their eSports presence.

Joke Ransomware Unlocks Files If You Play PUBG

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds became so popular, it now has ransomware dedicated to it. The ransomware is, of course, a joke and of no threat, but how many games can claim such a thing?

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