Resident Evil 2 Remake Latest News

Resident Evil 2 Originally Had Nothing to do With Original

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As it turns out, the story of Resident Evil 2 was originally supposed to be entirely separate from what happened in the original Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Multiplayer - Could Rogue Mode feature Co-op?

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Will there be Resident Evil 2 Remake multiplayer, like co-op in some form? What about this leaked Rogue Mode, could that have it?

Resident Evil 2 Tracking to Be the Biggest Game in the Series

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REmake 2 may well turn out to be the most popular Resident Evil release so far! Here's why.

Resident Evil 2 Microtransactions - Are There Microtransactions in RE2 Remake?

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There's been a lot of talk about Resident Evil 2 Microtransactions, but are there any in the game? If so, what could they be, and if not - why are people talking about them? We've got the answers.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Samurai Edge - How to Get Samurai Edge Handgun

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Eager to get cracking with one of the signature Resident Evil firearms? Here's how to get a Samurai Edge of your very own in the upcoming Resident Evil 2 release.

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