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Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

Resident Evil 2 Remastered Review.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Crank Handle - Where is the Square Crank Tool?

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Is you want to get anywhere in the game, you'll need the Square Crank Tool. But where is the Resident Evil 2 Remake Crank Handle? We'll show you.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Possibly Being Teased By Capcom

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Capcom has seemingly started teasing the potential Resident Evil 3 Remake. Could it be that it's actually happening?

Resident Evil 2 Remake Infinite Ammo - How to Get All Infinite Ammo Weapons

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If you want to stand a chance on Resident Evil 2 Remake most hardcore difficulty modes, a weapon with infinite ammo would very much come in handy. Here's how to unlock them all!

Resident Evil 2 Remake Randomizer - Is there a NG+ Mode?

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Chances are that, if you've completed RE2R's main campaign, you're yearning for more, and a new game+ mode with a randomiser setting on top would definitely be a perfect match.

Latest Resident Evil 2 Mr X Mod Removes Him Completely

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Now you can finally enjoy the scenery.

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