Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) Latest News

General Grievous Added to Battlefront 2, Ahsoka And Padme Coming

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The latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 data mines have revealed some very curious entries, with Ahsoka And Padme seemingly coming soon.

Battlefield 5 Developer Lost Staff After Star Wars Battlefront II's "Failed Launch"

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The famous Swedish developer, DICE, has apparently lost about 10% of its workforce over the past few months, as it turns out.

Clone Wars Actors will Reprise Their Roles for Battlefront 2

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With a new, fully-fledged hero coming out every month, starting October, there's lots of exciting stuff in tow for the fans of the Clone Wars TV show.

Star Wars Battlefront II is Undoing its Terrible New Clone Wars Trooper Skins

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DICE have promised to address the 327th Clone Trooper appearance, as well as that of some other corps' that have already been implemented.

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