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Test Drive Unlimited Summary

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Microid Teams Up With Old Test Drive Developer - Planning Unannounced Game For Year-End Release

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While some publishers like to announce everything about a given game with release still years away, Microids have announced a year-end release for a game with no name.

Eden Games blast "Atari mismanagement" over June layoffs

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Test Drive: Unlimited creator Eden Games is less than happy with Atari right now, who they blame for "mismanagement" through so many "leader changes at its head".

They also said those bosses "did not hesitate to get rich" despite the financial strife in the company. Eden has been "extremely collaborative" with Atari until now.

Atari not popping tires of original Test Drive Unlimited servers

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Namco Bandai, Atari's parent company, has confirmed to fans of the original Test Drive Unlimited that their online servers won't shut down.

It was believed the plug would be pulled next year after Test Drive Unlimited 2 was out and roaming the land, blasting out its dance anthems for all.

Eden Studios' Test Drive Unlimited 2 out September 21st, says Atari

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Publisher Atari has announced that developer Eden's open driving world of Test Drive Unlimited 2 releases in the shops this September 21st.

It will also pack preorder goodies like a new game mode involving gambling and some rather sporty cars, depending on the retailer you choose.

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