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A compelling story and premise bogged down by some bad design decisions.

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Developers of Vampyr Continue their Cooperation with Focus Home Interactive

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DONTNOD Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have renewed their partnership for the release of unannounced upcoming game.

Vampyr Patch Notes: Story Mode and Dark Souls Combat Mode Out Now

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Want to play easier Vampyr with less combat and more story, or tougher Dark Souls-like combat? The latest Vampyr patch adds Story Mode and Hard Mode, and is out now.

Vampyr Set To Get A TV Show - Project Headed By FOX21

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Let's hope it turns out better than Penny Dreadful was in the end.

Vampyr Will Be Getting New Gamemodes Soon

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DONTNOD have plans to extend their bloodsucking RPG's replayability even further with a number of additional game modes to fiddle with.

Vampyr Patch Notes - First Patch Released for PC and Consoles

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Have bugs, hitches and similar issues kept you from completing your playthrough of Vampyr? Well, read on.

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