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A Great War.

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Plant Christmas Trees in the Trenches of WW1 for Charity

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Developers of Verdun have come up with a new cause to pursue playing their game during the holidays.

World War 1 FPS Verdun Gets 64-player Mode, Senegalese Tirailleurs and More in Latest Free Update

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Verdun's latest free update brings bigger battles, new faces and barbed wire that's less deadly.

Latest Update for Verdun Addresses Poor Netcode, Makes for Smoother Gameplay

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Lag no more! Or, rather, lag more smoothly...

WW1 shooters Tannenberg and Verdun Merging Together [UPDATE: Blackmill Games founder Jos Hoebe responds]

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Indie developer Blackmill Games are merging their two shooters together to properly support both.

Tannenberg, the Sequel to Popular WW1 Shooter Verdun, is Now Available on Early Access

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64-player online World War One shooter Tannenberg is out now on Open Beta on Steam. We've got all the details and the first gameplay trailer.

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