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X-COM: UFO Defense Summary

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Julian Gollop's XCOM successor Phoenix Point shows its Geoscape map, 4X-style exploration and ballistics

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The crowdfunded spiritual successor to XCOM from series original creator Julian Gollop has shown the map and the tense, 4X style exploration of the world, and realistic ballistics.

From The Creator Of The Original X-COM Comes Phoenix Point - And There's A Teaser Trailer To Boot

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It's still fairly early in the morning, but nothing gets you up quite like a deep, thumping soundtrack and a mysteriously moving figure. If you want both in your life, check out the newest Phoenix Point teaser trailer down below.

Eleven 2K games debut on, including the XCOM, Railroad Tycoon and Freedom Force series

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Good Old Games has announced that eleven new 2K games are now available from its catalog. The games include titles from the classic XCOM series, as well as the cult classic Freedom Force roleplaying games.

Dev: Original X-COM was nearly killed twice

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Firaxis' remake XCOM: Enemy Unknown has received universal praise from both the press and gamers, but the original game almost never made it to shelves, having been nearly killed twice by upper management.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced, a strategy game developed by Firaxis

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Gamers who were frustrated by the classic strategy title X-COM: UFO Defense (or UFO: Enemy Unknown in European regions) being re-imagined as a first person shooter developed by 2K Marin now have a reason to celebrate, as XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been announced as a strategy game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which will be developed by none other than Firaxis Studios, the developer of Civilization.

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