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XCOM 3: Everything We Want To See

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With presumably the final DLC released, XCOM 3 must surely be in development at Firaxis. Here's everything we want to see from the next XCOM game!

New XCOM 2 DLC Out Now, and It's Free

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The Tactical Legacy Pack embraces all those things we've come to know and love over the course of XCOM's history, and brings it back with a vengeance.

Civilization And XCOM Developer Firaxis Might Be Working on New IP

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David Ismailer, the president of 2K Games, has hinted at some new stuff they may or may not have coming up sometime in the future.

The Best Turn Based Strategy Games On PC

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While some might prefer the frantic pace of real-time strategy games where you hit macros like you're speed-typing, the slow, calm and calculated air of the turn-based strategy game call to those players who like to plan extensively and enjoy carefully crafted plots and tactics boiling over in slow-cooked tension. Mmmmmm.

XCOM Successor Phoenix Point Will Get A Large Piece Of Free DLC

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The Floating Phoenix Base missed its crowdfunding goal but Julian Gollop's Snapshot Games will add the sea-based mobile fortress to the game anyway, as free DLC post-release.

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