Download Ultimate Reshade - ReTexture Mod

This Batman: Arkham Origins mod contains the following: -The Dark Knight Suit (It's not captain jack's one but it suits the style of the game). -The Dark Knight Batsignal (This can be found in this very same page) -New interface (Couldn't find the original author) -Enhanced Gotham Misc. textures (These are enhanced textures with a highly increased resolution) -A Reshade pack that was actually configured by me (It's SweetFx type Reshade) -Some extra Batsuit Skins such as Batfleck and Baleman (This includes Captain Jack's one) -New BmEngine configurations for improved performance and Shadows (This is optional, if you're going to replace the original make sure to back it up)

Credits: MaxGT15a

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Ultimate Reshade - ReTexture Mod 318 29 Jan 2019