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This Battletech mod includes the Champion, a 60 ton heavy mech that comes in 4 variants. All of them are as fast as a Quickdraw or Dragon and all of them are underarmored for being a heavy mech. The base variant, the Champion-2N, carries an AC/10 with two tons of ammo, a SRM 6 with one ton, and a pair each of Medium and Small Lasers. It however only has the basic ten single heat sinks, so heat is a real concern. The Star League original variant, the -1N, is the same except that it carries a more powerful LB-10X Autocannon in place of the AC/10 and it has Artemis IV for the SRM launcher. It still carries the same ten single heat sinks though so heat is still a real issue. The -1N2 is a Star League-era field modification that became a refit kit and is precisely the same as the -1N except that it has double heat sinks. The final variant, the -1Nb, is a much more powerful take on the Champion. Equipped with double heat sinks, it drops all weapons from the Champion and replaces them with a Gauss Rifle with 16 shots and an ER PPC, making it a powerful sniper mech.

Credits: bloodydoves

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