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Do you think the vanilla Company of heroes is dull and boring! Do you think it lacks units and action. Then you must play Enhanced Combat!Enhanced Combat improves game-play, giving new units, bigger doctrine (Commander trees) to the factions and tons of new abilities and upgrades, It brings with it new maps too. This mod is to enhance the combat and balance the game very well so non of the existing factions Over power another one, Even if they are on the same side! I have given more appropriate names to Tanks and factions, i also am implementing features which never existed in the original Company of heroes. The AI will also become smarter, other than a stupid, no good AI. I will gladly accept ideas and information. please forgive me if i have missed something or overlooked anything. also, please feel free to comment, if someone downloads the mod and hates it for some reasons, i will develop it IF it still continues along the path i originally intended. I will be adding new campaigns cause that is something no mod i know has achieved yet! I have play tested on some coded maps which i put into the campaigns list using scar, but im keeping the campaigns for later as the mod still has many bugs! If you want to upload this somewhere else Please ask me first, And please ask me first before you Edit or change any of the content inside my Mod. This Modification is for the sole purpose of having fun while playing. the original company of heroes had the axis overpowering the allies and boring gameplay. while i changed that, it didnt bother me to add bigger, better and new stuff. A breif Description is it improves gameplay, giving new units, bigger doctrine (Commander trees) to the factions and tons of new abilities and upgrades, It brings with it new maps too. Anything important will be posted in the announcement so all can see. we are also looking to make out own forums but are short in cash. any donations will be fully accepted Unless you over-exaggerate in the amount you give us. We are also Accepting clans, we already have a fully Operational one called Clan "Whermacht". who play the mod to compete against each other. any other clans will mean we can have Clan battles. there will also be special events weekly, monthly or yearly. weekly we have the "Group Player of the week" Contests where the ultimate winner after 6 rounds is awarded the "Group Player of the week" status. Other events such as the "Christmas Special" or the Birthday of the mod will have different activities each year. ======================= ============================ ============================== ============ Anybody who tries to upload this elsewhere and claims it will be severely dealt with.(unless he ask me first) Anyone Having a problem installing a Master file or before you start installing the master file should read this! Ok, now lets pretend you have downloaded the Master file (Master file version 2.0, for an example), you have the Installer and the "READ OR DIE!!!" read-me file Ok, now you can always just read the "READ OR DIE!!!" to install, but this will simply things! How To Install: 1. Install the Mod to your Company of Heroes Directory 2. In your Company of Heroes Directory, Find "RelicCoH", Copy it and place it on the Desktop, rename it to "Enhanced Combat" - If you did this, please skip step 4. Alternative: Open steam, and click place shortcut on desktop, rename it to Enhanced Combat - If you did this, please skip step 3. 3. Right Click it, click properties, and in the Target line, Make it look like this: code: ...common\Company of Heroes Relaunch\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -mod EC -novsync 4. Right Click the Steam Shortcut, click Properties, and Change the Url to this: code: Rungameid -dev -mod EC -novsync 5. Right click your Shortcut, Click "Change icon", browse to your CoH Directory, and select the icon named EC. Heres A video for more help on it, [How to Install] Done! Changes From Original Game: A whole new damage system Bigger doctrines New units and skins (Most of the new vehicles are from the community so thanks to them (see the credits for more detail)) All factions are balanced against each other New maps New upgrades for infantry and vehicles All factions can build trenches All factions now have planes. New Sounds, (More Realistic) New ShellShock system (this was made by General WVPM and i borrowed it from him(i asked him first)) Units now get shell shocked when being pummeled by artillery All artillery now cost 45 munitions to fire New campaigns (in BETA) New Italian Faction (still in development) New Reward Units Credits General WVPM Jacob Aviero Models: Halftrack Tankdestroyer DMZ Beefy Mr.Scruff Elliperili AGameAnx Darkbladecr CCeléstial Aidas2 Chopin Jagdpanther Rain VanAdrian Loran Korn HD weapons: Daniel. Skins by Zupadupadude and Vanadrian and Shayansp(ME) Maps: (i am looking for a mapper) $TEXAS$ Shayansp(me) Janne Generalfeldmarshal von Moltke (1 other who's name i cant find or remember Mod Team: Shayansp -founder Mr.Wildberrytea - For helping with models and assisting me. Gato89 DarranMarschall - Italian army Planer [NLR] iantiuri [NLR] Leonida - Italian army and French army planer and helper Chicken Nuggets(JesusOfCalgary) - Modeler We are looking for a Artist for art for the mod

Credits: EC Mod Co-

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