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Weapon Restoration Project v0.340 - by lyravega (updated for DL Are you above level 20? And got sick of using same weapon types over and over? Well, you are in for a treat then. This mod adds (currently) 141 weapons that you can buy from shops, if you are above level 20. All these new weapons are actually existing but updated weapons; with updated stats to fit the late game, and provide you with a big list of choices to go with. Please be sure to read notes below! Notes -I really, REALLY recommend you to use my other mod, Damage Normalization with this. Weapon damage calculations are based on vanilla weapons in the game, which means the weapons in this mod has high base damage values. -Names are in lowercase. This is to point out that a weapon is a WRP one. -This mod adds "new" content! Gameplay at lower levels will not be affected. -If you are using Crafting Overhaul, please remove it as this mod now comes with it. Installation -Not for just this mod, but for any game that you use mods, back your save files up first - and back the entire folder! (you can find your saves at "...\Steam\userdata\*number*\239140\" folder) -If you are not using other mods, then place the "Data3.pak" file within the archive to your game folder ("...Steam\Steamapps\Dying Light\DW\") -If you are using other mods, place the data folder in the archive to your "...Steam\Steamapps\Dying Light\DW\Data3.pak" file (you need a tool like WinRAR to open and manipulate .pak files the game is using; they are actually .zip files in disguise) -Alternatively, you can use Simple Pakker to pack yourself a "Data3.pak" (just follow its instructions - but I still recommend WinRAR) -To uninstall, remove the extracted files, and be sure to clean your inventory from anything that this mod brings Troubleshooting -If you are playing with friends, now everyone is required to use same mods - this even includes graphical tweaks... Not sure if Techland is doing a good thing with this change... -If you cannot join a friend, even with same mods/settings, have him send his "Data3.pak" file to you, or send yours to them; use the same file Features (2 new & 139 updated weapons, every melee weapon - including skinned versions that is not considered junk or related to a challenge is updated) -Claw Weapons: Found 2 claw weapons while going through game files, so I added them. Drawn from fists/knives to adjust their damage, used axe sound as it sounded best among other options, and tried to make them fit to the game as much as I can. Note that, claws cannot be upgraded via blueprints; as new weapon mods are designed to be used with them to add elemental effects. -Randomized shops: Since this mod adds/updates 110 weapons in total, each shop will have 50% chance to include one weapon from every weapon category. This is to avoid long shop lists. -Item of the Day: Item of the day makes a return. Every vendor will be selling an orange quality weapon at a cheaper price as the item of the day! -Special vendors: Unlike normal vendors, special vendors sell every weapon, but they sell them at 1.5x the price. This is to ensure you'll find your favourite weapon. Currently, there are 3 special vendors; vendors next to fast travel posters, and the ultimate machete challenge guy are the special vendors. Look at the screenshots or check the video below to learn their whereabouts. -Vanilla Fixes: Various fixes to the vanilla game. You can see the mods on your weapons at all times, for example -Blueprints that utilize Freezing Element. Now you have another element that you'll love to use with throwable water / in rain / in storm. -Tweaks to existing blueprints & upgrade parts -Damage upgrade parts now alter how the weapons look -6 new weapon mods; these mods are special, and can only be installed on claws to grant them elemental effects Freezing Element -Same base chances to proc as with other elementals (5%) -Freezes the enemies when it procs (3s / 5s) -Same base damage bonus to the weapons (5% / 10%) -Gains bonuses to proc chance and proc duration in bad weather (raining or storm) -Gains huge bonuses to proc chance and proc duration when used with "conductive liquid" (aka, Water) -Striking a frozen enemy with a frozen weapon deals 50% more damage -It is an element that doesn't go well with other elements; currently impact is the only elemental that accompanies freeze Need Help? / Want to help me? If you need help, don't hesitate to comment, or find a way contacting me (Youtube, Steam). I'll do my best to help you in any way I can. If you want to help me, I am open to suggestions, criticism, and would appreciate bug reports. Thanks! Change Log v0.340 -Added 31 more weapons which DL added -Item quality of special vendors is lowered (normal: blue, hard: green) -Item quality of item of the day is segregated (normal: 1% chance to get gold quality, hard: 5% chance to get gold quality) -Overall item damage lowered by 10% -Changed the description of elemental mods (so you'll know that those are only for claws) -Fixed some lingering bugs v0.300 -Fixed vanilla bugs: Some missing skins are corrected, and weapons now use correct meshes; you can see mods on your weapons at all times -Claw Weapons are added (they are called Katars, you can find 2 of them) -Minor adjustments / changes in the code & structure -Pulled Crafting Overhaul (an improved version, changes below are related to that) -Freezing Element, which adds its own looks to the weapons -4 new blueprints; "Freezing Touch", "Chill Bro", "Frostfang", "Coldhands", which utilize Freezing Element (kudos to you if you get last two references) -Upgrade parts that increase damage (even just 1 level) will change how the weapon looks -The upgrade parts now grant less of an effect to the weapon; this is done to allow me work a little bit more freely in the future -Blueprints now grant less damage; making an orange blueprint granting 20% at most (level 1 grants 5%, level 2 - 10%, level 3 - 20%) -Most of the throwable stuff has been balanced a little; explosive bombs will be dealing a little bit more damage (before they were same as firecrackers...) -6 new weapon mods; these mods are special, and can only be installed on claws to grant them elemental effects -Explosion range doubled for grenades -Fire + Poison now cause burning death effect rather than exploding one v0.200 -Shops now sell an orange weapon at a cheaper price as "item of the day" -Price adjustments; heavy weapons are a bit cheaper, knives are a bit more expensive -Name changes; affixes such as "Superior" is renamed to "Customized". Customized weapons basically has a different skin -Name changes; affixes such as "Heavy" for heavy weapons is renamed. Icon alone is enough -Code overhaul & Minor fixes v0.111 -Just a minor fix. Special vendors now sell goods to those below level 20 again. v0.110 -Added 2 more special vendors. The vendors next to fast travel posters (at Ember's HQ & Brecken's HQ) are also special vendors now -Weapon occurrence probability for normal vendors reduced to 50% from 75% (list was still too big for them) v0.100 -Added 87 more updated weapons, bringing the total to 108. This number includes all the skins -Added a special vendor (Ultimate Machete Challenge Guy) which sells every weapon, at a higher price -Other shops will have 75% chance to have one weapon from each weapon category; this is to avoid long shop lists -Lowered damage values of some weapons (2 handed weapons, specificly) -Prices are adjusted -Durabilities are adjusted v0.001 -Initial Release -Contains 21 updated weapons, one for each type

Credits: lyravega

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