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New job listings for Creative Assembly show that the team behind Alien Isolation and Halo Wars 2 are working on a brand new IP, called "the biggest multiformat project Creative Assembly has ever undertaken" by an insider.

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A new Lord of the Rings TV series has a multi-season commitment at Amazon and will be a prequel to the novels - just like the recently released Middle-Earth games from Monolith. Could they cross over?

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MotherVR is a pet project that came far later than most would have expected. Now that it's here, though, the lone developer isn't quite done with it yet. There's more to come, and it's coming soon.

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VR Game Developers react to CCP jumping ship on VR, saying that VR is "an investment in the future" and most definitely not dead.

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Zach Wilson, former senior level designer at Visceral Games, supports EA in their belief of Games As A Service with no room for single-player only titles, expects publishers to "maximise their profits".

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A few weeks back news broke that Atlus had gotten on the case of the RPCS3 for basically advertising that Persona 5 was basically full playable on PC thanks to their emulator. Though the may have scrubbed any mention of that from their site, the game still works just fine. Now, it's even playable native 4K. Something the PS3 had no chance of accomplishing.

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Another delay to the HP Lovecraft game which was supposed to come out December 2017.

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The chainsaw wielding Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the latest paid DLC for Dead By Daylight, which also has a free weekend and sale going on right now.

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'Race Against Time' gameplay trailer for Evil Within 2 is suitably gruesome stuff from Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami.

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The crowdfunded spiritual successor to XCOM from series original creator Julian Gollop has shown the map and the tense, 4X style exploration of the world, and realistic ballistics.