Download The Price of Freedom 3.1

The Price of Freedom takes place during the many battles of the Freedom war, a 300-year long war between the UNCG (United Nations of Combined Governments) and DSCG (Dominion of Socialist and Communist Governments). The year is 2631, The climax of this massive war. It has been noted to be the bloodiest and longest war ever fought by humanity. Thousands of battles are taking place all over the milky way, fleets confront each other, planets are being bombarded. Take a role in a skirmish battle, choose a side, and choose a theatre, fight for your cause. Take your fight to the campaign and follow one fleet as it delivers the final crippling blow to the DSCG and it's religious overlords. Choose a side and fight for your freedom, but before you do, ask yourself this: At what cost?

Credits: T-Mckenney

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