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The Team: Captain, Lor Dric - compiled major mods, some game tweaks, textures, models, map, armors, weapons, horses, blah, blah, blah First Mate, gsanders - coder, play testing Second Mate, Pizzaraider - tester prime, made changelog, scene maker, Third mate, Slayth - new companions dialog, play testing, face codes frozenpainter- items, non-active emernic - rigging, models coming this summer Serres - play testing, non-active zxcvmnb - play testing, non-active SevenKingdoms - play testing, non-active ravan - play testing, non-active anduril38 - play testing, non-active Some backgroundI almost named this mod Emperor Alfonzos Bad Dream. Emperor Alfonzo is a character of mine that conquered all the land in my Heraldic armies mod and ruled it for several years before I quit playing. I thought a rulers nightmare could possibly make for an interesting mod. So here we are, and this is what I imagined.He keeps dreaming that he is starting over from the beginning, but the land and people aren't quite right. More land, more peoples, the familiar lands seem the same but the people are a little different.Basically you are playing a young Alfonzo in his nightmare land.Hope that helps explain the map and the historical incorrectness. Major mods used PreBattle Orders & Deployment FreelancerDiplomacyMercantilism modRigale Features:17 factions fighting for control of 88 towns 134 castles and 386 villagesexpanded native mapHeraldic armor and horses Bankingchoose from 336 bannersSea travel, battles, tradersNew foods, items, weapons, armors, horses, troops, factions, companions, banditsModified troop treeFaster horsesSlower map travelMore food spoils,but it lasts a day longerBetter graphicsEnlist in a lord's army with the opportunity to gain experience and moneyFaction navies9 different sized male troops2 different sized femalesDuelsBeer DrinkingDrinking gameTrade ledgerBuild wagons, carts for carrying merchandise CraftingGuildsBuild and garrison outposts and fortsGambling219 new lordsPut companions in garrisons6 landless factionsOver 180 new troopsHundreds of horses to choose fromHundreds of armors to wearHundreds of weapons to slay with108 companionsBuy warehouses and set up trade routesBuild and run enterprises Battle formationsMany little game tweaksMany other mods added(see credits for full list) Credits at Taleworlds Forum

Credits: LorDric

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Empire_III_Beta2.7z 2 15 Apr 2015