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KOEI TECMO Europe has announced today that it's developing Warriors Orochi 4, which will be released across Europe in Autumn 2018 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

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The rather impressive set of tools allows you to turn virtually any image into a playable game level.

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Experience the last flowering of chariot warfare in the ancient near-East in dynamic turn-based combat of Field of Glory II.

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The Last Remnant was delisted from Steam last week - now we know why, as The Last Remnant Remastered PS4 has been announced, although we are not sure about The Last Remnant Remastered PC.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth mounts are just like any other mounts in the game – a bit of a fashion icon. World of Warcraft isn’t exactly known for its gear sets and character models outside of a few big weapons like a few other MMORPGs, but players can flaunt their cash and determination to the game with a shiny new (and expensive) mount. Battle for Azeroth adds a bunch more to the already massive collection, and here’s how you can grab each and every one of them.

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The upcoming DLC for Field of Glory II will feature the ancient Persian civilisation so that they could duke it out with other historic giants in a - you've guessed it - field of glory.

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Yearning for a bit of a one-on-one with a cliff racer? Read on...

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Asterix, Obelix and their supply of magic potion are getting back at it again with not only an entire new game, but also a remaster of XXL 2.