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Download Sword Of Damocles: Warlords

Features New Huge World Map Ponavosa Twelve Totally Unique Factions The Diplomacy Mod 3.32 New Desert Texture Fight In Any Battle On Any Side Much Tougher Economy Version 3.0 96 Different Towns 170+ Castles Version 3.88 360+ Villages Version 3.88 Deserters With Custom Dialogue Patrols With Custom Dialogue War Parties With Custom Dialogue OVERHAULED Auto-Garrisons Version 3.0 A ton of Custom & Corrected Dialogue Version 3.88 Recruit Peasants and Mercenaries from Taverns Freelance Traders More Firearms More weapons with 2nd Functions Improved "Laptop Friendly" Death Cam From SOD Gold Lord's ask to be your Vassal :twisted: SUPER OVERHAULED The Duel Mod Version 4.0 Complete set of firearms Version 2.0 Re-Balanced Horses Version 3.0 Newer Crossbow. Version 3.0 New Bows Version 2.0 New Arrows & Scabbards Version 4.0 Script Fixes Version 3.0 Enhanced Diplomacy Integrated Auto Garrisons Version 3.0 Five Different Faiths Version 3.0 New Tournament Load Outs For New Factions Version 3.0 Convince Lords by Dueling them. Version 3.0 Fixed and Corrected Scene Variety. Version 3.88 Partial Multiplayer Support [Status = 25%] (Unfinished) Generated Weather System for MP Matches Version 3.88 Full Quick Battle Support [Status = 75%] Population Simulation Level Up Your Lords Version 3.88 More Money Options (ex. Borrow Money) Version 3.88 More Leadership Skill Bonuses Version 3.88 Garrisoned Troops Train Without You! Recruit Vassals from the Mainland to the New Land of Ponavosa Version 3.0 Population Health System Version 3.0 Population Faith System Version 3.0 Village Recruitment has been made tougher Version 3.0 Automatic Army System Version 3.0 More Buildings With Benefits Version 3.0 Better Faces & More Hairstyles Version 3.88 Only Nobles Lead Regiments Version 3.88 More Options to Choose From Version 3.88 Stronger Troops & Improved AI Version 3.88 Lord's Can Become Companions Random Events Version 3.88 New Night & Day Skies Version 3.88 Upcoming Features Over One Hundred Balanced Melee Weapons. [Status = 95%] Version 4.0 Private Mercenary Factions [Status =70%] Version 4.0 Over 32 different & Unique Companions [Status = 10%] New Quick Battle heroes [Status = 30%] Version 4.0 Main Quest & Lore [Status = 0%] More Random Events Version 4.0 More Companions Version 4.0 Private Mercenary Contracts Version 4.0 Royal Quests Version 4.0 Mercenary Factions that Specialize in Gunnery Version 4.0

Credits: Computica,157972.0.html?PHPSESSID=1105u0bt9ntcgf21q486l0r5i4

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