Download Silva Building Pack 1

This Surviving Mars mod pack adds 15 new buildings with their unique model (mesh/textures/animations) and brings new gameplays. Each building is in separated mod, which you can disable/enable easily. -- Arcology: Skyline One : spire; Medium Apartments; Modular Apartments -- Service - Entertainment: Cinema; Halloween Nightclub; Panoramic Restaurant : spire; Toys Store -- Industry - Life-support: Automated Extractors : extract Metals & Rare Metals; Forest Greenhouse : produce Oxygen; Fuel Factory Spire : spire, produce Fuel; Fueled Reactor : produce Electricity with the Fuel; Geothermal Power Plant : produce Electricity; Waste Rock Factories : extract Waste Rocks and produce Concrete with the Waste Rocks -- Storage: Large Universal Depot; Medium Air & Water Tanks.

Credits: Silva Modding

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Silva Building Pack 1 32 25 Feb 2019