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·Fix->Large Obstacles. Over-sized obstacles (such as FASCAM minefields) are now rendered on all displays, regardless of size. An error previously caused these obstacles, when drawn with the long axis near vertical, to not be shown on some smaller displays. (General ATF Engine Fix) ·Fix->Direct Fire Ammunition Carriers. In some, remote situations, direct fire ammunition upload did not work correctly. This has been fixed. (General ATF Engine Fix) ·Database Changes. The database has been changed to better reflect the limited capabilities of older armor platforms (e.g. their inability to fire on the move). ·Tutorial Scenario. The tutorial scenario has been revised to better match the documentation in the game. ·Tel Faris Upgrade. A little surprise from the computer AI enemy has been added to the AI script. Watch out! ·Fix->Pieces Not Loading. To improve performance and decrease the memory footprint, version 1.31 only loaded those graphics used in the game. Indirect fire muzzle blasts and observer laser spots were not being loaded and, thus, not displayed. This has been corrected. ·Fix->Radiating Marker. Units bearing the “Radiating” order now are marked with a symbol when the order is active.

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