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The first major DLC expansion for Strange Brigade 'Isle of the Dead', along with brand new character Tessie Caldwell, are both out now.

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Who are the Strange Brigade? We'll let you know, in our special Strange Brigade characters guide. Including the DLC characters, and even the villainous Seteki!

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Extinction brings it all back to Earth, or what's left of it.

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New weapons, new items, a new character, and plenty of new beasties to banish.

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Unlike a certain respected Polish author was with The Witcher.

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Shadow of Mordor developer Monolith next game will use the excellent Nemesis system, and it may be a sci-fi game.

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Strange Brigade's monthly free DLC pack is now out! Read up on what it relates to.

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Telltale have mentioned plans to complete The Walking Dead's final season, but there's been no word on whether there is any intent to pay off their employees' severance packages.

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Telltale Stranger Things game isn't getting made due to the studio's sad closure last week, but do we have some Stranger Things leaked footage on our hands?

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In their latest dev diary, Frogwares explain some of the reasoning behind the presentation of The Sinking City, and what sort of messages they are hoping to convey.