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E3 2015: EA's E3 Press Conference today @ 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 - Watch it here! FINISHED

This year's conference from EA is going to be dominated by one thing: Star Wars: Battlefront. The Press Conference will begin 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 and run for about an hour. There's a bit to get through.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic gets "largest story-driven" expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire, unveils at E3 2015

During EA's announcement of their E3 2015 line-up they reveal a new story-driven expansion for BioWare's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. This new expansion will be focusing on "cinematic storytelling" with all-new dynamic content.

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This New Year Showcase Video Quickly Announced A PC Version Of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Did you feel a little burned after Ace Combat: Assault Horizon? You're probably not alone. If you've moved into PC gaming from a console, you've had every opportunity to play the previous games before. But for a PC player, that was their first. Want redemption? Namco Bandai might just deliver with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

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Ubisoft Is Breaking The Barrier By Making All Their VR Games Cross-Platform

When one great VR title shows up on a single VR platform, it's hard to understand why that would ever be considered a good move for anyone. The market fragments and the developer cuts off their potential playerbase similar to a console-exclusive game. But it looks like we're finally making progress in breaking that wall thanks to Ubisoft's cross-platform commitments.

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A trio of VR titles are coming from Ubisoft this year

If there’s one thing Ubisoft likes to do--besides driving good franchises into the dirt with over-abundant sequels--it’s get in on the ground floor of new hardware releases. VR has been upon us for a few months, but we’re still very much in the early days of the new technology, so it’s the perfect time for Ubisoft to put out a few titles to test the water.

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Ubisoft developing Eagle Flight, a VR experience for the PC and PlayStation 4

During the weekend at the PlayStation Experience conference, Ubisoft revealed that it's developing a new virtual reality experience called Eagle Flight, which could be described as a sort of Eagle flight Simulator where you fly around Paris performing aerial dogfights to protect your territory from other players in multiplayer and single player modes.

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E3 2015: Details of Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion leak early, free to subscribers [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Expansion details confirmed and trailer released.

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Military sim Arma 3 begins free weekend on Steam, part of publisher sale

Now's a good time to check in on Bohemia Interactive's latest military simulator Arma 3 if it's been on your 'to do' list but you haven't gotten round to it. It's enjoying a free weekend on Steam, with it discounted by 50%.

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WWII air combat title, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China set for release this summer

Worried that there hasn't been much in the way of WWII air combat titles? Fear not! Publisher/developer Ace Maddox has today announced Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China for release on PC this summer.

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6DOF shooter Sublevel Zero zooms onto PC this Summer

Indie developer Sigtrap's 6DoF (six degrees of freedom, if you're wondering) shooter Sublevel Zero is coming to PC, Mac and Linux this summer, publisher Mastertronic has announced.